Easy Track 2

Easy Track 2

Datapaq Easytrack2

The EasyTrack2 HITEMP system is a customized profile system based on the very successful original EasyTrack system, packaged specifically for polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and other high temperature cure processes. Combining the simplicity of the EasyTrack2 data logger, EasyTrack Insight software and the high thermal performance characteristics of the TB5000-HT barrier, the EasyTrack2 HITEMP system provides an ideal profiling tool for OEM manufacturers and coating suppliers alike. Temperature measurements can be made throughout the entire heating cycle from either product or oven environment. Such temperature profile information permits the optimization and control of the process and guarantees both the quality of the end product and efficiency of the manufacturing process.

Improve quality by confirming cure to prevent:

Powder coating 1
  • Undercuring - Brittle PTFE with poor adhesion characteristics
  • Overcuring - Low gloss PTFE or chalkie cosmetic appearance of black or darker PTFE surface coatings
  • Excessive heat - Degradation of PTFE coating with release of gaseous toxic by-products
  • Poor temperature uniformity - Poor color and surface finish consistency

Rapid Fault Finding and optimization

Powder coating 2
  • Identify problems within the oven, such as cold spots, quickly and efficiently
  • Identify the potential cause of problems, such as blocked ducting, leaky burner box, faulty fan, etc., allowing for rapid corrective action
  • Optimize operating characteristics to maximize productivity(line speed) and fuel economy



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