Tpaq 21

Tpaq 21

Datapaq Tpaq21

8 And 10 channel - high accuracy data logger

130,000 Data readings over 10 selectable channels make the Tpaq21 the most powerful, accurate and in-depth analysis tool available. Variable sampling intervals and multiple event programming provides detailed analysis where heat treatment processes are followed by fast moving sections of the product temperature profile, such as gas or water quenches. The Tpaq21 is equally at home in ceramics processes, such as brick and sanitaryware firing, where long duration runs at high ambient temperatures call for high memory capacity and rugged electronics. Combined with a built in RF transmitter to see these processes in real time, this is an ideal data logger for all applications.

Datapaq Data Logger Tpaq21
  • Ten thermocouple channels for maximum data collection on each run
  • Huge memory capacity: 130,000 data points for detailed process analysis
  • Sampling intervals down to 0.1 seconds to collect maximum data in minimum time
  • High accuracy: ± 0.2 degC for compliance to tight specifications
  • Hot data protected by non-volatile memory or software warning, if reset is attempted before download
  • USB and RS232 communication for rapid data download to laptops
  • Radio Frequency (RF) telemetry or hard wired data acquisition for monitoring in real time with full analysis functions and alarms to alert, if the process is out of specification
  • Push start/stop buttons for easy user control
  • Two battery types for operation in normal and high ambient temperatures
  • Rugged industrial case and electronics allows operation in harsh furnace and kiln environments where dust, pressure or vacuum conditions occur
  • "Multiple events" allows sampling interval change during the run - ideal for water and gas quench processes
  • Reset by start button after download for speed and simplicity
Tpaq21 temperature profiling system








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