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Datapaq insight temperature profiling software

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  • Wizard-driven Setup Logger Connection Factors - Set up factors and save them for easy application to future surveys. Prompts direct you to perform this required step
  • Calculate Stability - Over-shoot alarm and three selectable alerts tell you when stability is reached
  • Correction Factors - Software confirms both data logger and thermocouple corrections have been applied
  • Complete AMS 2750E documentation - One-click full report saves time while maintaining consistency
  • Password Protection - Meets required security requirement
  • Import from Clipboard - Easily import control thermocouple data into survey paqfile
  • Full Audit Trail - Guaranteed traceability of data
  • ASTM E29 Rounding - Insight applies rounding according to ASTM E29 to fully comply with Revision E
  • Controlling Specification - Compares controlling specification tolerances with survey results to determine furnace class
  • Hottest and Coldest Points Identified - An instant visual indication of the hottest and coldest points of the furnace highlighted both on-screen and in the printed report
  • Recovery Time Data - Provides an automatic calculation of the time between the first and last thermocouple entering the lower tolerance band
  • Area Under Curve Calculation - Eliminates the need to export the data to a spreadsheet
  • Restrict Display Intervals - Allows user to print longer intervals for a shorter report
  • Print to PDF - Share survey report data easily and efficiently



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