Paint curing applications in the automotive industry

For successful paint cure, irrespective of the paint chemistry being used, it is critical to measure and control the temperature of the car body as it travels through the oven... read more

The advantage of infrared over thermocouples

Users struggling with large maintenance bills for thermocouples, or the plant downtime required to replace regular contact-type temperature elements, need look no further than Raytek’s range of non-contact infrared temperature measurement devices... read more

Can IR windows be considered "arc resistant" ?

It is easy for an end-user to be misinformed about the specifications of an IR window because there is often confusion in the market about parameters such as arc resistance, IP ratings and environmental stability, in respect of these particular devices... read more

Cost-effective vibration measurement

Many organisations do not have the ability to monitor and predict the condition of their rotating equipment. This includes electric motors, turbines, gearboxes, pumps, fans, etc. , The traditional method to monitor the condition of bearings was to embed a temperature sensor in the casing. Any fault condition like lubrication, worn bearings, misalignment, etc., will eventually cause the temperature to rise. The thinking around machine condition monitoring has changed over the years and it is now stated that vibration is the better measurement over temperature... read more

Hand held infrared thermometer for hot environments

Raytek’s Raynger 3i Plus infrared thermometer meets industry standards for process performance in hot environments of 400 to 3000°C, providing exceptional accuracy. This portable IR thermometer is a robust solution for improving process quality and productivity, resulting in improved business performance.

R&C Instrumentation’s vibration monitoring watchdog

Vibration and temperature are the most common parameters used for machinery protection. However, it is now stated that vibration is the better measurement over temperature. This is because it gives an earlier warning and more information since the vibration signal contains many frequencies and many amplitudes, each pertaining to some moving part of the machine... read more

Cement kiln burning zone temperature measurement

The formation of the most important cement mineral, C3S (alite) occurs in the burning zone, where the temperature is between 1300-1450°C. The stability of burning zone temperatures directly determines the quality of the clinker. To ensure stability of burning zone temperature and maintain clinker quality, accurate temperature monitoring is critical... read more

Electronic instruments in hazardous

In many industries, there are certain areas that are classified as hazardous or Ex areas. This is an area that contains, or may contain, combustible substances such as gas, vapour or dust. Typical hazardous areas include coal mines, grain silos, chemical and petroleum plants, offshore and onshore oil and gas rigs, oil refineries, pharmaceutical plants and paint shops... read more

Ultrasound device detects signs of impending malfunction

In conjunction with infrared inspection, ultrasound can form the basis of an excellent condition-based maintenance programme. Ultrasound detection can be used to find anomalies in electrical equipment including arcing, tracking and corona that are indicators of premature insulation breakdown and imminent equipment failure... read more

Datapaq Temperature Profiling Systems

When employing heat treatment as part of your manufacturing operation, the critical information you need is the temperature of the product as it is taken through the heating process... read more

SpotScan gives pyrometers ­scanning ability

Fluke Process Instruments recently introduced the SpotScan line scanning accessory for the Endurance, Marathon, and Modline ranges of IR non-contact temperature measurement sensors. The accessory features a scanning mechanism that enables users to gather temperature data over a larger area on the target... read more

Raytek CM pyrometer sensor now in 4-20mA

About a decade ago, Raytek introduced the CM, a compact, integrated IR non-contact thermometer intended for quick and seamless replacement of J and K-type thermocouples. The CM, still an industry favourite, ... read more

Acoustic Pyrometers from Enertechnix. Instantaneous gas temperature data from any area of your boiler

The PyroMetrix™ Acoustic Pyrometer is a non-contact measurement device that obtains highly accurate instantaneous gas temperature data from any location within your boiler ... read more

Smart pyrometers for factory automation

Fluke Process Instruments has launched the Thermalert 4.0 spot pyrometer series for automatic non-contact temperature monitoring between -40 and 2250°C. The series currently comprises 13 models ... read more

Infrared Temperature Measurement

After time, temperature is the second most measured physical unit. In production as well as in quality control and maintenance, temperature represents an important indicator of product quality or equipment conditions ... read more

Infrared to Measure Moving Product Temperature

Process monitoring of all products is becoming an absolute requirement due to increased demand from quality control and management information systems ... read more

"NEW" Low Cost Vibration Pen

Vibration like temperature is the most common parameter measured on process plants to predict equipment failure or process problems. However it is now stated that vibration it the better measurement over temperature ... read more


After time, temperature is the second most measured physical unit. In production as well as in quality control and maintenance, temperature represents an important indicator of product quality or equipment conditions ... read more

NEW high performance Fixed thermal imager from Raytek

Raytek, a world leader in infrared technology, has just introduced its latest unit to monitor on-line temperatures with thermal imaging ... read more

New Fiber Optic Infrared Thermometers from Ircon®. Innovative, fully featured, high-temperature models designed for metal all Industries.

Available from R&C Instrumentation, the sole distributor for Raytek and Ircon in Southern Africa, the new line of high performance sensors features advanced signal processing and background-reflected energy compensation capabilities, and includes one-and two-colour fiber optic IR devices designed for harsh operating environments ... read more

Infrared versus Thermocouple Temperature Measurement.

Do you wish you could take process temperatures without actually touching the process? Does your plant suffer downtime problems when you have to replace contact temperature elements? ... read more

Using Infrared to Detect the Invisible. Uncovering equipment & process problems effectively with Infrared Thermometers

Both preventive and predictive maintenance programs rely on regular inspections of the critical assets that comprise a plant or facility ... read more

I.S. Infrared from Raytek and Ircon.

Infrared (IR) thermometers are the latest source of portable and fixed temperature measurement devices made available to companies with hazardous plants requiring Intrinsically Safe equipment ... read more

Portable Infrared for Plant Maintenance

Infrared thermometers are effective inspection tools for quickly locating and documenting hot and cold spots behind the scenes. Surface temperature plays a critical role in routine maintenance on all plants, and can tell you a lot about the condition of you process plant, HVAC and electrical systems, as well as critical machinery ... read more

Online & Portable Visual Inspection of On Load Boilers

Enertechnix, a pioneer in IR technology, has developed its new PyrOptix IR Camera and high performance lenses which allow for complete viewing of all known critical areas in the boiler – under full load conditions ... read more

Infrared Electrical Inspection

Infrared inspection windows can save on downtime and improve safety ... read more

Acoustic Pyrometers Principal of Operation

The Enertechnix, PyroMetrix Acoustic Pyrometer is a non-contact measurement device that obtains highly accurate instantaneous gas temperature data in any boiler or confined heat area up to 1250°C. ... read more

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