Marathon MM

Introducing the new Raytek Marathon MM Series!

The Marathon MM Series platform, which covers a temperature range of minus 40 to 3000°C, consists of many IR temperature sensor models, each with a specific measurement wavelength and temperature range appropriate for either low- (minus 40 to 800°C), medium- (250 to 1100°C), or high-temperature (300 to 3000°C) production monitoring. All sensors feature identical installation hardware and include Raytek DataTemp Multidrop software to enable easy and consistent installation, configuration and data capture across the full breadth of an application:

Temperature Ranges:
MMLT -40 to 800°C
MMMT 250 to 1100°C
MMG5L 250 to 1650°C (Glass Unit)
MMG5H 450 to 2250°C (Glass Unit)
MM2ML 300 to 1100°C
MM2MH 450 to 2250°C
MM1ML 450 to 1740°C
MM1MH 650 to 3000°C



  • Wide Temperature Range from -40 to 3000°C
  • Choice of spectral response 1 to 14 micron dependent on unit
  • Superior optical resolution to 300:1
  • Fast response time down to 1 mSec
  • Variable-focus from 0.2 to 2.2m
  • Compact, rugged design, NEMA-4 rated
  • Spot size down to 0.6mm
  • Real time VIDEO monitoring and snapshot recording facility
  • Supports up to 32 Marathon Series™ sensors in a single multidrop network
  • Through-the-lens sighting with VIDEO or laser aiming
  • Simultaneous analog and digital outputs
  • Programmable relay output (temperature setpoint or "fail safe")
  • Ambient temperatures to 315°C (600°F) with ThermoJacket® enclosure
  • Digital RS485 communications (networkable)
  • Real Time ambient background radiation compensation
  • DataTemp Multidrop Software for remote configuration and monitoring
Measurement Specifications
Nominal Spectral Response:

- 1 micron (Si Detector) - 1.6 micron (InGaAs detector) - 3.9 micron - 5.0 micron - 8-14 micron

Outputs - mA................... 0/4 to 20mA
- Relay................ 48V, 300mA responce time <2ms
- RS485.............. 2-wire or 4-wire networkable to 32 sensors
- Video................ analog, NTSC, 510x492 pixel, FVO8
Inputs Emissivity setting, Background radiation compensation, Ext trigger
Accuracy ±1% measured value
Repeatability ±0.5% measured value
Response Time 1 mSec (95% response) dependent on type
Emissivity 0.10 to 1.150 in 0.001 increments
General Specifications
Ambient Temp Range:
Without cooling 0 to 65°C (32 to 120°F)
With air cooling 0 to 120°C (32 to 250°F)
With water cooling 0 to 175°C (32 to 350°F)
With ThermoJacket 0 to 315°C (32 to 600°F)
Environmental Rating IP 65 (IEC 529), NEMA4

Variable Focus Laser sighting or Video sighting RS485 to RS232 adapter
Air/water cooled housing ThermoJacket enclosure
Blast gate, pipe adapter, sighting tubes, flow regulator
Protective window for interface panel
NIST certification




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