Portable Ultimax

Portable Ultimax: Infrared thermometers

Ultimax Handheld Infrared Thermometers.

Ultimax is Ircon's series of handheld, portable infrared thermometers. With the ability to handle temperatures up to 3000°C (5430°F) the Ultimax is the perfect spot pyrometer for maintenance applications and verification of process temperatures. For users that need temperature reporting capabilities the Ultimax Infrared thermometer can be used in datalogging mode to store up to 1000 temperature measurements. Ultimax data analysis software can then be used to graph, display, or export this temperature information.

  • Precision Spot Size Measurement
  • Through The Lens Viewing
  • Focusable Optics
  • Microprocessor-Based Electronics
  • Analog And Digital Outputs
  • Digital Adjustments
  • Choice Of Four Spectral Ranges
  • Single colour/Two colour Ratio Thermometer
  • Internal And External Display


Consists of infrared thermometer with wrist strap, Carrying Case, Digital and Analog Outputs including Analog Output Cable, Mounting Adapter, 4 AA Batteries, and one detailed Operations Manual. Complete specifications and descriptions are as shown in Catalog 12100.

Ultimax Model Temperature Spectral Range
UX-50P 300 to 1000°C 575 to 1830°F 1.55µm
UX-60P 600 to 2000°C 1115 to 3630°F 0.96µm
UX-70P 2-colour Mode 600 to 2000°C 1115 to 3630°F 0.96 & 1.55µm
UX-70P 1-colour Mode 400 to 3000°C 755 to 5430°F 0.96& 1.55µm
  • Ambient Operating Temperature 32 to 125°F 0 to 50°C
  • Temperature Indication Resolution <300°F: 0.1° or >300°F: 1° <300°C: 0.1° or >300°C: 1°
  • Analog Output 0 to 1.0 Vdc (UX-10P, 20P, and 40P)
  • Digital Output RS-232-C (All units)
  • User Selectable Emissivity Adjustment 0.10 to 1.00 (0.01 increments)
  • User Selectable Temperature Averaging Response Time Adjustable 0 to 99 sec. (1.0 sec. increments)
  • Batteries AA Cells
  • Battery Life Approximately 20 hrs. continuous operation with 4 AA alkaline batteries
  • Weight 25 oz (700g.) w/o batteries



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