Inspection windows

Inspection windows

Save Time, Save Money and Stay Safe

Industrial-grade VPFR series (Viewing Pane Fixed Reinforced) infrared windows from IRISS will enable thermographers to survey critical electrical applications more efficiently and much safer than before. NFPA standards recommend infrared inspection under fully energized conditions, but PPE requirements and panel cover removal and reinstallation are time-consuming and therefore costly. Use of the VPFR series of products nearly eliminates the risks associated with infrared electrical inspection by providing companies with a noninvasive, closed-panel inspection methodology.

Thermographers inspecting through the window are never exposed to energized conductors or circuit parts, and are not engaged in risk-increasing behaviors as outlined in the 130.7(C)(9)of NFPA 70E. Consequently, the elevated levels of PPE prescribed by 70E for invasive surveys are not required when utilizing the IRISS VPFR series of infrared windows, thereby minimizing survey time while maximizing safety.


The VPFC Series - Round Fixed Crystal

Calcium Fluoride (CaF2) has long been used in research applications. It is a cost effective solution that performs well in controlled environments where humidity, chemical exposure, vibration and high frequency noise can be minimized or eliminated. The transmission rate characteristics of CaF2 are ideal for higher temperature applications, short and medium wave thermography and for the visual spectrum where transmission rates are over 90%. Long wave transmission rates will vary (typically between 50% and 60%) based on imager sensitivities at different wavelengths.VPFC crystal infrared windows are primarily suited for research or laboratory applications where the environment is controlled and risk of impact is minimal.


The VPFR Series - Round Reinforced Polymer

The past several years have seen a move toward the use of transmissive polymers as a lens material due to their inherent resiliency and stability. These materials are unaffected by mechanical stress and will suffer no effects on transmittance. They are stable: nonreactive to moisture, humidity, seawater, and a broad spectrum of acids and alkalis - in short, they are well suited to handle the rigors of the industrial environment. Polymers are also extremely resilient. Because they are malleable, they will tend to absorb impact rather than shatter. When reinforced, with specially engineered grills, the optic is capable of resisting a sustained load. As a result, the only long wave compatible IR window optic capable of passing industry standard impact tests is a reinforced polymer optic. A reinforced polymer optic can maintain a consistent thickness regardless of window diameter because the cells of the reinforcing material remain a consistent diameter. Consistent optic thickness means consistent transmission rate - regardless of window size.


The VPT Series - Round Transparent Polymer

The world’s only visually clear polymer industrial-grade IR window series. An evolutionary step in infrared windows. The Platinum Series VPT utilizes the exclusive Poly-View System allowing any thermography camera to monitor completely undisturbed assets inside energized electrical equipment in the visual, UV and shortwave, midwave and longwave IR spectrums, as well as allowing visual inspections


The CAP Series - Square and Rectangular Polymer

The CAP Series has the largest visually clear infrared (IR) transmissive viewing area available as standard. The larger rectangular viewing area provides an unparalleled field of view when compared to traditional round IR windows. The CAP-CT offers locking covers for your IR window. These are useful in areas of high traffic and protect the IR viewing panes from impacts, flying debris and dust. Constructed from aluminum, the CAP-CT series is recommended for all indoor applications.


The FlexIR Custom Series

The IRISS patented reinforced polymer optic system has allowed the creation of a wealth of standard size windows - both round and large format rectangular. However, sometimes a standard size window just won’t fit either due to the panel size you want to install in or because of the nature and location of the IR targets within an electrical cabinet. Or perhaps the equipment in question would require more than one large format window to be able to inspect all of the target connections. Custom sized cut-in windows can solve these problems.







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