MT 4,6: MiniTemp

Because there is more than one way to measure temperature.

Raytek Minitemp is pocket-sized and easy to use - just point, shoot and read the temperature on the large backlit display. When you need a fast easy way to measure surface temperature, you need a MiniTemp noncontact thermometer. Use MiniTemp at work, at home, anywhere.

Choose the Minitemp MT4 or MT6, with laser sighting. This model is powered by a 9V battery and displays temperatures in either °C or °F.

Price List

MT4 and MT6 Features

Feature Details
Emissivity Pre-set to 0.95
Laser (Class II) yes
Display hold (7 seconds) yes
LCD backlight yes
Temperature display °C or °F selectable
D:S (distance to spot size at nominal 90% energy) MT4 8:1 MT6 10:1

MT4 Specifications

Specs Details
Temperature Range MT4 -18 to 400°C MT6 -30 to 500
Accuracy ±2% or reading or ±2°C (±3.5°F), whichever is greater
Repeatability ±2% or reading or ±2°C (±3°F), whichever is greater
Response Time 500mSec, 95% response
Power 9V Alkaline or NiCd battery
Dimensions 152x101x38mm (6x4x1.5in)

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