MT4-IS Intrinsically Safe

Intrinsically-safe Non-Contact Temperature Meter MT4-IS

For non-contact temperature measurement and monitoring of temperature processes
in Ex-hazardous areas.

The intrinsically-safe non-contact temperature measuring equipment MT4-IS is a robust yet exceedingly handy and easy to use instrument for temperature measuring in ex-hazardous areas.

The benefits of non-contact-measurement:

  • Increased safety when determining the temperature of fast moving objects.
  • No antennas mean that frictional heat cannot affect the measurement.
  • No mark or blemish is left on the object being measured.

Response time:

  • Fast and accurate. Pyrometers respond to emitted energy and are around 20 to 1000 times quicker than traditional direct contact thermometers.

Low maintenance and non invasive:

  • The temperature of the object being measured is not affected by the procedure.
  • Non contact of the detector means no wear and tear.
  • No fixing or fastening points required on either the object or equipment.

Hard to reach objects and moving materials:

  • The optics of the pyrometer are aimed at the object to be measured and with
    the laser sighting it is possible for both small and distant objects to be targeted.
  • Hazardous and aggressive materials can be safely measured - and without fear
    of damaging the equipment.
  • The compact size of the pyrometer allows it to be used in even the most awkward
    positions, with only a clear line of sight to the target area being required.



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