Vibration & Temperature Sensor in one casing

Vibration and temperature are the most common parameters used for machinery protection.
Of these, temperature has been used longer, probably because it was available first and 
was better understood than vibration analysis. However, it is now stated that vibration 
is the better measurement over temperature because it gives an earlier warning and more 
information as the vibration signal contains many frequencies and many amplitudes, each
pertaining to some moving part of the machine.
This unit, available in the RC range, now combine these two parameters and provide 
protection of critical plant from high temperature and high vibration levels. The unit 
consists of a 2-wire 4-20 ma output to monitor vibration levels and a DC voltage output 
that has a 10 mV per ° C directly proportional to the measured temperature and not 
an inferred measurement of the vibration. Environmental rating is IP 67 and the unit 
has a case material of stainless steel with a top cable entry.




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