Surplus and end-of-line products





Raytek MID pyrometer
Now at less 50% on all models

As example - MID20LTCB3 with Comms box

NOW ONLY R 6,500.00

Superseding model Mi3 sells at over R 13,000.00




TIME TV260 Vibration Pen


Now only R 3,995.00




Provibtech vibration sensors
Now at below half price

Non-IS TM016 sensors

Metrix equivalent sells at over R 6,000.00

TM016 price R 2,900.00
Elbow and reducer R 495.00





Raytek Thermalert TX RAYTXSLTSF
Smart Model -20 to 500 ℃
NOW ONLY R 19,900.00

Superseding model Thermalert 4 sells at over R 26,000.00

Refurbished RAYTXCLTSF
Standard Model -20 to 500 ℃
ONLY R 12,900.00






Raytek ST range
Significantly reduced to clear

RAYST81 only R 5,595.00

Fluke equivalent sells at arround R 13,000.00

RAYST61 only R 4,395.00

Fluke equivalent sells at arround R 11,000.00




Demo Raytek ECOM EX-MX2
ATEX rated for EX hazardous areas

As new condition R 9,900.00

2015 Selling price was over R 38,000.00





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