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Formed in May 2004 R & C Instrumentation has experience in the specialised supply of process control equipment for over 14 years. During this time the same staff have remained together through the company structure changes. This allows us to improve all aspects of product knowledge utilised to provide solutions to most applications. Applications knowledge is what sets us above our competitors and we pride ourselves in being able to select the correct equipment to meet all our customers requirements.

Product sales

R & C Instrumentation are sole importers, and have licensed representation of the following equipment: Raytek, Ircon, Datapaq, Danaher Controls, Enertechnix, IRISS and Cox. For Toho we are registered distributors with the importers. We also offer engineering services on automation projects where we supply the total customer commitment, from conceptual through to performance testing. Equipment procurement, configuration, installation supervision and commissioning also form part of our engineering capabilities.

Total customer commitment

Maintaining high quality standards for product support, engineering design and customer service, has played a very important role in the development of R & C Instrumentation, helping us to obtain our status as a leading South African instrumentation company. Our company’s wide commitment to response, reliability and attitude is unparalleled in our industry.

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Meeting your delivery, price and technical needs in a fast, accurate, manner.


Providing products that are designed, manufactured and tested to the highest quality standards. This also includes the correct answers to your applications’ questions and the accuracy of all documentation.


An attitude that is always direct and professional reflecting our appreciation of your business.

Our Mission

Through progressive technology, continuous improvement and strategic partnerships, R & C Instrumentation strive to be leaders in total customer satisfaction.

Brands we carry


Infrared temperature measurment

Non contact, Hand held and fixed Infra Red Thermometers and Thermal Scanners.

Our mission is to be the leading supplier of infrared, noncontact, industrial temperature measurement instruments in the world.

We strive to develop instruments that improve the productivity, reliability, and efficiency of our customer’s processes and maintenance activities and, ultimately, the quality of their products and services. We use profit as a means for creating a company where people can develop and use their skills in an exciting, challenging and rewarding environment.

Founded in 1963, Raytek designs, manufactures, markets and services a complete line of infrared, noncontact temperature measurement instruments for industrial, process control and maintenance applications. In addition to our worldwide headquarters in Santa Cruz, California USA, European headquarters in Berlin, Germany and our China headquarters in Beijing, China, Raytek has regional offices around the globe and is represented by a worldwide network of authorized distributors.

In 2007, Ircon joined Raytek to offer a complete IR solution to our customers.

The Worldwide Leader in Noncontact Temperature Measurement

Infrared temperature measurment

Non contact, Hand held and fixed Infra Red Thermometers

The two leading names in noncontact infrared temperature measurement, Raytek and Ircon, are now one. Our companies have joined together to offer a complete IR solution, including the industry’s most complete line of infrared sensors, linescanners and process imaging systems. As a Raytek or Ircon customer, you will continue to enjoy the same high level of technical innovation, quality and service as before.

Our Applications Engineering Department is ready to assist you with the most demanding temperature measurement requirements. From metal and plastic processing, to the manufacture of glass, paper products, packaging and construction materials, we can meet all of your online process monitoring needs.

The Raytek-Ircon solution will also provide a wider range of infrared temperature measurement products. With nearly a century of combined IR technology experience, our team is committed to achieving new advancements that will benefit original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and end-users around the world.

Data Loggers

Datapaq is the world’s leading company for temperature profiling in hostile thermal environments. To become the leader, Datapaq has produced and continues to produce durable, accurate, and user-friendly thermal profiling systems consisting of highly accurate temperature data loggers, rugged thermal barriers and easy-to-use analytical software.

Founded in 1984, Datapaq introduced its first product in 1985. Their goal is to provide every manufacturing company key information on the effectiveness of their manufacturing processes; continuous, semi-continuous and batch ovens, kilns and furnaces. With the use of the most advanced and highly tested techniques for accurately gathering and storing information, Datapaq has created industry specific standards to analyze, synthesize and report information in a precise and succinct manner.

With commitment to technology and innovation, their products and technical expertise, as well as worldwide service coverage and technical support will be telling factors in the growth of our customers’ business.

In 2009, Datapaq joined two other leading brands – Raytek and Ircon, to provide customers with additional solutions for their industrial manufacturing needs. As complimentary brands, Raytek and Ircon offer a complete line of infrared sensors, linescanners and thermal imaging systems for use in the most demanding environments.

Datapaq, Raytek and Ircon have joined together as a Fluke Company. With over a century of combined experience in developing innovative products that improve product quality and reduce waste, this team is committed to achieving new advancements that will benefit end-users and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) around the world.

Vibration sensors and portables

R&C Instrumentation is pleased to announce that it can now supply and support the RC range of vibration measurement products. These instruments are custom manufactured in Europe, and conform to European standards as far as manufacture, quality and reliability are concerned.

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