Industrial Coatings


  • Improve productivity and efficiency by using accurate profile data to optimize oven performance and final products
  • Prove that your oven provides the necessary cure schedule to give the physical and cosmetic coating properties required
  • Create the certified traceable profile report to prove to your customers and regulatory body (Qualicoat, ISO9000, CQI-12) that your process is in control
  • Highlight oven problems immediately and use data information to recommend corrective action
  • Launch new models quicker by efficient optimization of paint oven operation for new body styles and coatings

Solutions offered for applications below:

Coating and Sealant Curing for Automotive Manufacturing

Paint and Powder Suppliers

Paint, Powder and Custom Coating for OEM

Metal Coating

Metal Packaging – 2 Piece Can Coating Pin Chain and IBO

Temperature Uniformity Surveys

Metal Packaging – 3 Piece Can Coating Wicket & Side Stripe

Metal Packaging – Aluminum Tubes and Aerosol Coating Monobloc

Coil Coating

PTFE and Dacromet Metal Coating

Oven Manufacturers

Wood and MDF Coating

PVD Coating