Metals Processing


  • Accurately gauge metallurgical cooling requirements
  • Optimize mathematical models with real temperature data
  • Ensure proper bonding/curing temperatures and improved product quality
  • Improve throughput yield and profits
  • Detect hotspots, avoid costly machinery damage and unscheduled downtime

Solutions offered for applications below:


Sinter Plant

Blast Furnace

Continuous Casting Processing


Temperature Uniformity Surveys

Metal Packaging – 3 Piece Can Coating Wicket & Side Stripe

High Temp Heat Treating

Hot Forming Steel Panels

High Precision Heat Treatment in Vacuum Carburizing

High Temperature Vacuum Heat Treatment

Fasteners Heat Treatment – Hydrogen Embrittlement

Hot Rolling Mills

Tube and Pipe Mills

Rod and Wire Mills

Galvanizing and Annealing Lines

Aluminum Brazing (CAB & Vacuum)

Aluminum Processing

Aluminum Solution Reheat