R&C Instrumentation’s vibration monitoring watchdog

Vibration and temperature are the most common parameters used for machinery protection. However, it is now stated that vibration is the better measurement over temperature. This is because it gives an earlier warning and more information since the vibration signal contains many frequencies and many amplitudes, each pertaining to some moving part of the machine.

R&C Instrumentation now has its own range of custom-made instruments, known as the RC vibration transducer. The units are 2-wire 4-20 mA output to monitor vibration levels. Different velocity (mm/sec) ranges, process connection and electrical connections are available. The standard unit, which would cover most mechanical bearing applications, has a vibration range of 25 mm/sec RMS, an 8 mm stud process connector and a 2- pin military connector. The unit’s environmental rating is IP67 and it has a case material of stainless steel with a top connection.

Control box as an option

The unit can also be supplied with a local IP67 control box that gives onsite indication of vibration levels, and when combined with the temperature and vibration transducer can provide a process temperature indication as well. Both process variables have their own High and High, High alarms along with 4-20 mA retransmission and 24 VDC supply to provide the transducer power. The local control box requires a 90 to 260 VAC or DC power supply and gives temperature and vibration indication with high and trip alarm facilities.

In today’s budget controlled market the need for costly equipment to measure vibration levels, frequencies and amplitudes on a continual basis can be circumvented by using vibration monitoring transmitters that provide early warning of possible issues. At this time, a more sophisticated portable analyser can be used to determine the root cause.

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