Semiconductor Production


As the technology sector continues to thrive and evolve, the semiconductor industry has grown alongside it to become one of the largest industries in the world—covering a range of applications beginning with crystal growing, transitioning to wafer manufacturing and ending with circuit board testing, among many other steps. Through the convergence of these applications, manufacturers within the semiconductor space end up with a product that is used in products spanning computers, solar cells, cell phones and most pieces of technology available on the market today.

While there are a variety of different applications that make up the entirety of the semiconductor industry, consistent and accurate temperature monitoring and control plays a crucial role in nearly every step of the process. Fluke Process Instruments offers both non-contact temperature measurement and thermal profiling options with robust software solutions so you can confirm your product is being evenly heated or soldered correctly with fewer rework rates, ensure that your oven process is operating at maximum efficiency for both quality control and throughput, and much more.

Solutions offered for applications below:

Circuit Board Testing

Atomic Layer

Polysilicon Growing

Molecular Beam Epitaxy





Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) Processing