Smart pyrometers for factory ­automation

Fluke Process Instruments has launched the Thermalert 4.0 spot pyrometer series for automatic non-contact temperature monitoring between -40 and 2250°C. The series currently comprises 13 models with varied spectral responses, including dedicated sensors for metals, glass, and plastics products. A large choice of optics is available for long and short focal distances.

Due to the wide ambient temperature range of -20 to 85°C, more measuring points can be set up without cooling accessories, meaning there is no danger of leakage and contamination of critical processes.

The rugged IP65 infrared thermometers come standard in a stainless steel housing and exhibit high repeatability, response time and accuracy. This performance can significantly lower service costs and time spent on setup and troubleshooting. The sensors feature galvanically isolated analog and RS-485 interfaces. Up to 32 devices can be connected within an RS-485 network.

Since manufacturers often add fieldbus and other options in the future, retrofit of existing measuring points has been made as easy as possible. The new sensors can be fitted in fixtures for Endurance, Raytek Thermalert TX, and Raytek XR pyrometers. Adaptors are available for use with Ircon Modline 4 and Raytek MM fixtures.

DataTemp Multidrop software provides the tools needed to configure the sensors and monitor temperatures on a real-time graphical display. The bar graph feature shows temperature profiles across a web, or at various spots along a process. High and low alarms are shown, making it easy to identify out of range conditions and the system supports remote configuration, monitoring, field calibration and firmware updates.

A wide variety of options and accessories are available to customise the installation of Thermalert 4.0 sensors. Lens protectors and air purge collars offer protection in harsh environments and the water/air-cooled housings can be specified for operation in ambient temperatures up to 175°C.

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