The advantage of infrared over thermocouples

Users struggling with large maintenance bills for thermocouples, or the plant downtime required to replace regular contact-type temperature elements, need look no further than Raytek’s range of non-contact infrared temperature measurement devices. Designed to provide solutions for most applications, whether a straight 2 wire 4–20 mA, or a type J or K thermocouple output is required, Raytek can provide units with response times as fast as 100 milliseconds. Compact units have optional additions that cater for high ambient temperature environments (up to 300°C), and for dusty areas a lens air-purge collar can be fitted.

Low cost units are available to allow users to replace contact thermocouples with non-contact IR units. Small and compact and similar in size to an eighteen millimetre proximity switch, they only require a 12-24 VDC supply to give a fast response and accurate type J, K, R or S thermocouple output, 0-5 V or 4-20 mA, that can be sent to an existing indication or control system.

With non-contact temperature measurement there are many ways around its ‘no go’ areas. For instance on highly reflective surfaces like aluminium, stainless steel and other alloys, an experienced application engineer can always find the best solution for any application.