Ultrasound device detects signs of impending malfunction

In conjunction with infrared inspection, ultrasound can form the basis of an excellent condition-based maintenance programme. Ultrasound detection can be used to find anomalies in electrical equipment including arcing, tracking and corona that are indicators of premature insulation breakdown and imminent equipment failure.

The Sonus XT is a handheld ultrasound detector with accessories for multiple types of inspections, and apart from electrical inspections, can also be used to save energy through finding leaks and component malfunctions on compressed air, steam and vacuum systems. In addition, the instrument can be used to diagnose early signs of mechanical system failures including motor and bearing problems. By listening for noise in the ultrasound spectrum (40 kHz), Sonus XT allows users to identify problems and determine corrective action. On energy savings alone, the detector will typically pay for itself within the first 30 days.

This robust handheld unit empowers users to perform preventative maintenance inspections on their critical electrical and mechanical equipment with recording and analysis software to aid in problem diagnosis.

Rudy Wodrich, VP of engineering services at IRISS explains: “IRISS has always been focused on increasing electrical safety by performing closed panel inspections using infrared, but we have also long recognised the value of ultrasound as a tool for preventative maintenance. We are very proud to bring this new product to a market which has been underserved in recent years. Sonus XT fits well into our broader strategy of educating our client base to undertake more surveillance in order to perform maintenance.”

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